Meet the NEP Bow Tie team

Meet the NEP Bow Tie Team

Meet the NEP Bow Tie Team

Meet the NEP Bow Tie Team

Meet the NEP Bow Tie Team

Meet the NEP Bow Tie Team

Meet the NEP Bow Tie Team

NEP Bow Tie understands that it’s all about the team - we are not a business that has lots of machinery, our strength is our staff. 

As a business we have been committed to training and multiskilling our teams. We fully recognise the benefits of efficiency as well as the ability to react quickly to a changing workload that having this flexibility within the core team enables. 

We continue to train and grow our staff, ensuring they have professional development opportunities within their roles and the ability to develop their skills and learn new ones. 

Commitment to our teams, allowing them a voice, empowering and engaging with them through our communications forums, and one to one mentoring, improves staff commitment, and job satisfaction. These are key attributes in ensuring we deliver a first class service to our client with a highly skilled, committed team and a low staff churn rate.

Leadership Team

Duncan Davidson-Smith

Managing Director

Lauren Coombs

Director of Operations

Gareth Phillips

Head of Engineering & Technology

Joe Tanti

Contract Manager


Nia Percy

Contract Manager

Linda Nash

Senior Director

Roy Scotton

Operations Manager

Mark Davis

Operations Manager

Admin Team

Emily Rumble-Howard

Service Support Coordinator

Accounts Team

Hardeep Flora

Finance Controller

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