Sustainability is at the heart of our organisation. Our NEP Project Earth initiative set global corporate standards, with a team of “environmental ambassadors” across its network championing its work.

Which organisations do we partner with in order to achieve key sustainability initiatives?

In September 2019, we were awarded with an ISO14001:2015. We partner through QMS International or audit and certification.

How does our organisation engage with employees to achieve sustainability targets?

All staff are made aware of our sustainability targets. Staff play a key part in maintaining our ISO1400 environmental standard, and are supported through staff meetings, one to one’s, and an individual continuous professional development program.

How does our organisation engage with our supply chain to achieve sustainability targets?

We are non-discriminatory when sourcing from the supply chain. We encourage subcontractors and suppliers to engage with and adopt the ISO environmental standard.

The operational management team obtain reports to support best practice and reduce carbon footprint from suppliers and subcontractors.

  • Percentage of refuse collection that is recycled.
  • Use of fuel for mobile live events for TV generator supply.
  • Travel agents confirm the carbon footprint of every business flight booked.

What measures have we undertaken and focused on to reduce your carbon emissions?

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We recycle appropriately, reduce power consumption, and hire equipment and staff locally wherever feasible. This in turn helps to reduce pollution from transportation.

We operate wherever possible using the Albert sustainable production guidelines.

Our fleet of lorries (technical outside broadcast and support vehicles) are all Euro Encap. We have installed charging points at our locations, and all fleet cars are either Hybrid or fully Electric.


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