Field Operations

On Site & in the middle of the action

positions include:

  • Engineers - Mobile Unit, Maintenance, Application, Systems
  • Technicians - LED, Cable, Fiber Optic, Audio, Lighting
  • Equipment Operators - Camera, Audio, Video, Graphics
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Managers
  • Riggers
  • Systems Integrator

Our field operations teams have a different job every day - be it a different production, a different location, or different equipment, it’s always a new and exciting challenge. And with operations around the globe, the career opportunities are endless!

NEP supports some of the most prestigious productions around the world, and our Field Operations team play a central role on location. And, as leaders and innovators in the industry, our teams get to design, develop, build, configure and operate solutions that utilize the latest, cutting-edge technology.

What are you waiting for? Join our team and become a part of the action!

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"The best part of NEP is working with the latest cutting-edge technology alongside of the brightest minds in our industry. NEP's vast resources and talented team have accomplished some impressive feats already. With new technology and innovations being developed daily, I am excited to see what's on the horizon for NEP."

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"I really enjoy working for NEP because it feels like one big family. As a younger engineer still learning my trade, if I ever have any questions my amazing colleagues will always help me out. Regardless of which broadcast it is, there is a great camaraderie between me and my colleagues. It is a great feeling to know they have my back when the going gets tough."  

"Everyday I see each member of my team giving their utmost attention to the task at hand. They show passion for the job and pride in their work  - creating technological works of art. Each team member respects each other. When a problem arises they speak up and seek out a solution."

Employee testimonials

Every Type of Production - Every Part of the world

With operations in 26 countries, we have supported productions in 89 countries around the world, on all seven continents. From America To Australia, from Sweden to Singapore and everywhere in between, we cover it all: sports, concert tours, reality tv, awards shows, major product launches, and so much more.

Our field staff are at the heard of every production we support around the world, and get to experience it all.

Cutting-Edge Technology

NEP is at the forefront of the broadcast and live event industry, playing a pivotal role in innovation and solutions development. Our field operations staff plays a critical role in technology selection, innovation and solutions development.

Our teams also get to experience, learn and use the latest cutting-edge technology available in the industry.

Be Part of World-Renowned Productions

Working for NEP gives you the opportunity to work behind-the-scenes on some of the biggest shows in broadcast and live events and be a part of the magic that makes it all happen. Around the globe, from major sports to big-time entertainment, we doit all.

Current Openings

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