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Our graduates are spread throughout our organization in roles including:

  • Engineer in Charge
  • Mobile Unit Engineer
  • Vice President - Engineering & Operations
  • Vice President & Chief Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Engineering Manager

Just out of school or new to the industry? We offer several training and apprenticeship programs around the globe that can help you get the hands-on experience you need to launch your career in the broadcast and live event industries. These programs offer real-world experience working on production with the mentorship and guidance from seasoned industry veterans.

These programs include tracks for broadcast engineers, LED technicians, commercial truck drivers and more. Learn about our trainee & apprentice programs around the world: 

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"The best part of working for NEP is being able to work on all sorts of different productions - and the variety of experiences that come from working on different productions. Whether it’s a regional sports show, a major national sports event, or a reality show, there’s always a new set of challenges that keep things interesting."

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"My apprenticeship taught me the fundamental technical skills and gave me a full picture of how our company operates to prepare me for work as a Mobile Unit Engineer."

"I had the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia with our team for WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble. During this show, I worked alongside our colleagues from Australia, Singapore, The Netherlands and the UK. It was incredibly rewarding rewarding to see folks from all over the world representing NEP and working collaboratively to support our client."

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The first-hand experience You need

Through our apprenticeship programs, you will get the hands-on experience you need  helping to build new solutions and working on real shows -experiencing every aspect of a production from pre-show planning to post-show strike. This experience will give you exciting new opportunities and put you lightyears ahead in your career.

Cutting-Edge Technology

NEP is at the forefront of the broadcast and live event industry, playing a pivotal role in innovation and solutions development. Through our apprenticeship programs, you will interact with, learn about and use the latest technologies and equipment available in the industry.

Be Part of World-Renowned Productions

Working for NEP gives you the opportunity to work behind-the-scenes on some of the biggest shows in broadcast and live events and be a part of the magic that makes it all happen. Around the globe, from major sports to big-time entertainment, we doit all.

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